For more control and more security of your item of immovable property we offer high quality security assistant.

It is important to underline the difference between the security guard, security assistant, control assistant, porter, reception and telephone answering.

The control assistant makes a daily report, notes every activity related with inspections, rounds, developments and incidents, realises control services for the reception, verification, monitoring and the accompaniment of visitors, traffic control in reserved areas or restricted circulations inside the guarded object to avoid endangering the safety of them.

  • Auxiliary control for opening and closing access to the immovable property, checking and verifying the security of them.

  • Switching on and switching off the lights inside your object, making rounds inside your zone of the industrial or commercial facilities using vehicles if it’s necessary.

  • Auxiliary control services are in charge of security and device diagnostics, in the case of failure, give the urgent notice to maintenance company authorized to deal with a problem.

This service guarantees security installations and low costs.

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